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All Sustainable Program

100% Sustainable Fertilizer promotes strong plant health & sustainable soils. This treatment of non chemical control includes cultural, mechanical, and biological and preventive control methods give you deeper and denser root systems, improved drought tolerance, quicker recovery, less water, disease suppression, weed suppression, and reduced surge growth so that you have a beautiful green and chemical free lawn.

Combined Sustainable Program

Like the All Sustainable Program, the Integrated Plant Management Program uses 100% Sustainable Fertilizer to promote strong plant health & sustainable soils. Occasionally a customer deems that additional weed control is necessary. In these cases, a consultation will be provided to assure that you get the most sustainable treatment possible.       

Weed control

Weeds are plants growing where you don't want them. There are several ways to remove those unwanted plants including sustainable and traditional methods ranging from freezing them to spraying them. Recon wants you to be rid of the weeds on your property in the fastest and safest way possible. That treatment starts with identifying what you don't like about your lawn and reviewing treatment options. 

Gardens, Trees, and Shrubs

Our lawns are rarely made up entirely of grass. Properties are full of flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, bushes, and more living plants that need regular nutrients to be able to thrive. Recon offers multiple treatments that can help all the plants you love to grow. 

Pest control

Things like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, gnats, moles, and other animals can damage property and make our time outside less enjoyable. Recon prides itself in offering pest treatments that will eliminate the pests while keeping the lawn safe for your family and friends to enjoy.

Aerification, Seeding, and Dethatching

In the fall (and occasionally in the spring for newer growth) a lawn requires that the lawn be cleaned up of debries and the soil loosened to making room for new seeds to plant and grow. If you have a new lawn, thinning grass, or brown patches this process may be for you.

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